Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Wow, you’ve been busy in 2011!

Celebrating the amazing One and Only Chocolate Chic Nothing but Chocolate Blog

The 2011 Contributors of the Year

Most unique visits: 6,099

First time visits: 6,042

and this is from the whole universe… amazing!

74.20% - United States

4.80% - Canada

3.60% - United Kingdom

2.60% - India

2.00% - Italy & Australia

1.40% - Sri Lanka, & South Africa

1.00% - France

0.80% - Argentina

0.60% - United Arab, Emirates & Japan

0.40% – Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Vietnam, Thailand, Romania, Pakistan, Malaysia, Germany & Colombia

0.20% - New Zealand, Russian Federation, Hong Kong, Turkey & Mexico


Here are the top 5 recipes:

#1 recipe is Milk Chocolate Frosting from Scratch II

#2 recipe is Chocolate Appetizers

#3 recipe is White Chocolate Brownies

#4 recipe is Dark Chocolate Frosting from Scratch

#5 recipe is Chocolate Wedding Desserts

I want to thank each one of you for coming my nothing but chocolate blog!


Oh, one more thing…

I’m going to have blogiversary giveaway in February!!

Keep your eyes open…

happy chocolate day!

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