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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Chocolate Recall

Popcorn Palace Issues Allergy Alert on 1-Gallon Value Bag Products



Popcorn Palace


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - December 20, 2011 - Popcorn Palace of Schiller Park, IL, is issuing this statement to alert people with allergies to Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Milk, Soy, and Wheat that some of our 1-Gallon Value Bags contain the undeclared ingredients.  Bags were shipped with the ingredient and allergen information not applied directly to the immediate container and important allergen information may not have reached the end consumer.

People with one of these allergies run a risk of serious or potential life threatening allergic reactions if they consume these products:

Cheddar Cheese, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy)

White Cheddar, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy)

Chicago Style, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy)

Gourmet Caramel, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy)

Rainbow, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains soy)

Caramel Nut, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy, peanuts, tree nuts (almonds, cashews)

Chocolate Drizzle Caramel, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy)

Macadamia Butter Crunch, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy, macadamia nuts)

Cookies & Cream, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy, wheat)

Spicy Cheese, 1-Gallon Value Bag (contains milk, soy, wheat)

No illnesses have been reported in connection with these products.

These products are completely safe for anyone without allergies to consume.

Affected products would have been purchased after October 1st, 2011 through one of our fundraising programs.

This notice was initiated after it was discovered that shipments did not include the ingredient and allergen information. This issue has been corrected with updated packaging that includes nutrition facts, ingredients, and allergens applied directly to every item.

Consumers who have questions or would like additional information can call 1-800-873-2676.

Have a good day!

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