Wednesday, June 22, 2011

National Chocolate Éclair Day

Yep, it is today! Mmmm mmm!

I LURVE éclairs!

National Chocolate Éclair Day is a sugary, sweet way to start your day. It's a sweet, tasty way to end your day, too. Éclairs are a light, crisp pastry filled with a pastry cream. They are most often eaten as a dessert. They can be eaten at every meal, or as a snack.

I hope that you are not on a diet, or watching calories, carb or sugar. Because participating in this day, means consumption of high calorie, high carb, high sugar éclairs.

Did you know? Éclairs originated in France.


I have a few on my list…

check them out!

Happy chocolate éclair’s day!






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