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Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Chocolate Dessert Ideas

How about doing something really different this year?!!

I have found “no sweat”,

“no stress”,

“I can’t do this” desserts.


If your family and friends were told how they were made,

they’re gonna say “get out, that’s it?”

Check them out!


You can whip up these mini men in minutes. Roll pieces of marzipan into balls and dip them into confectioners' sugar; connect with toothpicks. Use marzipan dyed red to shape the hat and scarf and dyed orange for the nose. Finishing touches: brown toothpick arms and tiny chocolate chips for the eyes, mouth, and buttons.



White Chocolate Mousse and Brandy Snap Baskets



Chocolate-Dipped Stuffed Figs



Iced Berries with Hot White Chocolate Sauce


Happy Holidays!


Pretty easy, huh?!

Let me know which one you’d like to make and serve!

The countdown until Christmas is 18 days!

Have a great chocolate day!


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