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Friday, November 12, 2010

Chocolate Semifreddo

What is Semifreddo?!

Semifreddo is Italian for half-cold, and the name refers to desserts made from whipped cream mixed in equal amounts with ice cream or frozen custard. In Italy, gelato, a frozen dessert much like ice cream, but with a lower butterfat content, is the dairy ingredient in semifreddo. The desserts can be made at home without using an ice cream maker by chilling homemade custard in the freezer or using commercially prepared ice cream. When the whipped cream is added to the frozen dessert, air is incorporated as well, which keeps the semifreddo from freezing solid again. The same effect has also traditionally been achieved by mixing in a meringue made from egg whites, but it is not generally advised to eat raw eggs now. The taste and texture of semifreddo has been compared to mousse, and it melts in the mouth quicker than ice cream.

Check them out!


Chocolate and Tangerine Semifreddo

Now I like that! Mmmm!



Dark Chocolate Layered Semifreddo

All for me!



Semifreddo Ice Cream Cake

I like the blog name… it sounds gross, but funny!



Chocolate or Pistachio Semifreddo

I’ll take them both!



Really Chocolaty Semifreddo

How festive!


What do you think? Hope you’ve enjoy them!

Have a great chocolate semifreddo day!



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