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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

About Windows Live Writer

I’ve heard so many things about Windows Live Writer that I decided I had to try it. While this is my 3rd post using it; I am loving it so far!

I love that what I’m typing is set up just like my blog so I can see my post live, just as it will look once I publish it.

Also I can click on Preview on the bottom of my screen and it shows me what it looks like on my blog. Much better than the preview on blogger.

I clicked on pictures on the right hand side and added this photo, resized it, and centered it in about 3 seconds. It was awesome being able to resize this picture without having to mess with HTML code or use a photo sharing program and resizing it there.

You can also quickly add maps, videos, whole photo albums, or create new plug ins to use. I only wish I would have found this sooner. I highly recommend it to any one who blogs, and here is a link to download it for free.

Yes, not only is this an awesome service, it’s free. So go download it, do it now, you will thank me, I promise.


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